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Doni's Pizza Review

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A short review of "The Happiest Pizza of the world" known as Doni's Pizza.

After hours of studying at school or working from the nearby establishments in BF Homes, Paranaque, there is nothing more satisfying like a good slice of pizza after the end of the day. There are a lot of pizzeria's, pizza parlors and pizza shacks to curb your craving with cheese-drenched pizza, but there is one pizza place which takes the cake for being ingeniunely unique with its ingredients and the type of pizza that breaks cultural barriers, that pizza place is called Doni's Pizza (??? ??).

Located at Aguirre Ave. in the heart BF Homes' recreational district in Paranaque city, this Korean-owned pizza place has more things to offer than a simple "as-is" pizza experience, this Pizza place has a unique set of meals to tickle your taste buds with meals ranging from the usual hawaiian pizza, Tonkatsu/Donkasu (Breaded Pork) to Korean-Style fried chicken. Now let's get down to the review itself:

The Ambience / Scenery:

The ambience is simplistic approach to Doni's is what makes it a great place to hold meeting and to converse since it has a very appealing colour scheme which make us feel hungry (the colour red and white like pizza itself). Plus the glass windows give the passersby a sense of curiousity to what lies inside the restaurant. Ambience: 4/5

The Location and Parking:

Though they have great pizza (in a moment, we'll discuss about the viands), the location is a bit of the downside when it comes to other pizza parlors. It is somewhat secluded inside a small green building which makes it hard for people to go to the place and eat. Another downside is the somehow lack of a parking space for customers, if the owner were to have considered another space in BF Homes like the Pergola Mall, he might have gotten more pleasing customers with the parking issue solved. Location and Parking: 3/5

The Food:

The moment that we all have been waiting for: the food itself. Now since know at the moment that Doni's Pizza is a Korean-Italian Fusion Restaurant, there will be various viands that are some viands that are new to some and familiar to many; such is the case of Korean-Styled fried chicken. From my experience with my student in English Class, he would tell me that Korean-style fried chicken has the parts separtated first before it is fried, rather than frying the chicken first and tearing the parts off after it is fried to perfection. Doni's Pizza also has side dishes like french fries and onion rings. They also have the staple pasta meals from seafood. carbonara to tomato-based meals which I have yet to try in the next few visits since what matters for now is their signature Pizza.

Crispy thin-crust goodness is right hee on the spot with the Pizza from Doni's. The crust is very crunchy yet soft enough to be torn without the need of a cutter wheel of sorts. The other toppings you can have aside from the usual vegetarian ranges from basic flavors like hawaiian, the meat lovers' pizza, the italian-style pizza, the seafood pizza, to the unique viands like the Kimchi-Bulgogi Pizza which is very zesty and tangy in my point of view. The price is just right, depending on the size (from 10" to 18") of the pizza that you will buy, the price range goes from PhP 220.00 to PhP750.00 . They have a wide variety of chicken meals from basic fried chicken, spicy fried chicken to sweet and spicy chicken, not to mention that they also have chicken tenders which are pretty tasty too. Food: 4.5/5

Overall: If you are in the Paranaque area and would like to try some good thin-crust pizza other than the mainstream pizza parlors around the area, Doni's is the best choice that you can make for your buck. The only downside to this is the parking space and the fact that it's kinda secluded from the huge commercial area of BF Homes. This is also the type of pizza place for those heartwarming second dates or those relaxing meets with friends and all.  Overall:4/5


Posted on Jun 27, 2011
michael EBOH
Posted on Jun 27, 2011
A. Smith
Posted on Jun 27, 2011

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