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Free Danny Hauger Album Download for One Week, "Songs to Wake Up To"

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Danny Hauger music is giving away, for one week the new album, “Songs to Wake Up To” away free for seven days starting Wednesday, March 23rd of 2011.Here is the link to grab the album in a zipped file.

You can download the Danny Hauger Music album, “Songs to Wake Up To” free online for the next seven days. Giving away my music is no new feat after almost 8,000 MP3 format downloads from my podcast and web site. Not to mention the free concerts that I have put on have just topped one hundred through my short and unheard of music career. The difference now is having an album on major distributing sites like Amazon and iTunes and then turning for one week to give my album, “Songs to Wake Up To” away free for one week starting Wednesday, March 23rd of 2011.Here is the link to grab the album in a dingle zipped file.

This album has been reviewed by several other Factoidz article writers including Bethany Marsh and is found to be a blend of relaxing acoustic guitar work and the latter half an alternative rock indie mix. The entire album was produced and recorded myself and has sold well through the first few months. The goal for me now is to spread the music through the internet and hopefully build a viable audience and I could not think of a better way to do so than by offering it for free and letting really committed fans continue to pay for the album on their favorite digital music outlet online like iTunes and Amazon.

The album itself is a double-length collection of original composition that begins with several slow and reflective songs that are perfect for the rainy days we have been seeing locally in California. With all of the negative news in the world I thought a microscopic event like a free download might be enough to turn the earns of one of one hundred thousand people and that would be enough of a reason to produce my album for free for a seven day period. If you want the album you can even email me during this week for a direct link through my profile.

My musical goals may never be realized but that is by no means something that should dissuade any artist from pursuing their craft and spreading whatever minor or appreciable skill they may possess in the year 2011 where data packets are cheaper than free and can be scattered throughout the world as fast as I can record them.

Enjoy some of my favorite tunes on this album including the Northern California inspired, “Jackson Valley”, “Simplify”, and the rainy day thinking that brought on “Losing Sleep” on a restless night. Enjoy this album and please share this article and album with whoever you wish. Donate or buy if you like it, and pass it on. Learn more about Danny Hauger Music at my web site.

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Ron Siojo
Posted on Mar 24, 2011

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