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New Years Eve Party Excuses to Help You Stay Sober

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New Years Eve parties are lots of fun. People who want to stay sober may feel awkward about passing on the New Years Eve alcohol. This list of plausible excuses can help people avoid alcohol without causing hurt feelings.

Because drinking alcohol is synoymous with New Years Eve it is not uncommon for people to feel extra pressure to inbibe even though they want to stay sober. These New Years Eve excuses can help you avoid alcohol and stay sober without getting in the way of valued friendships.

After all, no one wants to hurt the feelings of anyone who put a party together. Although this concern is admirable, it doesn't mean having to consume alcohol at a New Years Eve party if you do not want to.

That is this list of excuses for avoiding alcohol at a New Years Eve party can help anyone. When it comes to avoiding alcohol, staying sober and remaining in control, this guide may be your way out.

Be honest.

Talk with the host or hostess before the day of the New Years Eve party. A considerate host or hostess will be happy that you are coming to the party and be supportive of efforts to stay sober. Friendship dictates that they should not press for more information.

Just say no, and then redirect the conversation.

It is ok to simply decline a drink if when it is offered at a New Years Eve party or anytime. Redirecting the conversation can help steer the host or hostess in another direction. Chances are that the host or hostess will move on to someone else after a brief moment of conversation.

Go to the restroom.

When the bottle comes around, make an excuse to go to the restroom. This puts distance between you and the glass of alcohol and lets you stay sober. It also gives a perfectly legitimate reason to leave the room for a few minutes.

Designated driver

Being 'on call' as a designated driver for a buddy who is at another party. Not only will this help avoid alcohol but it will impress everyone who is at the New Years Eve party. After all, who wouldn't want to be friends with someone with this much integrity?

No designated driver.

On the flip side of the above excuse is that you don't have a designated driver and having to stay sober is a must. The lack of a fail safe is a good reason for anyone to avoid drinking alcohol at a New Years Eve party.


Some religious frown on the consumption of alcohol for anything except ceremonial purposes. A New Years Eve party generally doesn't qualify. This excuse can help with efforts to stay sober. However; it will only work for those who attend worship services occasionally.

Work the next day

A hangover is guaranteed to negatively impact job performance in the morning. Having to work on New Years Day, or even do office paperwork, is an excuse to get out of drinking that no one can argue with.


Hardly anything packs on the pounds like alcohol. Using dieting as an excuse to avoid drinking is perfectly plausible. Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year. Tell others that you decided to avoid alcohol at the New Years Eve party to jumpstart a diet. Just be sure to pass on the bon bons so the cover won't be completely blown.

No drunk driving

Avoiding alcohol at a New Years Eve party does more than help someone stay sober. It can save lives. This may be the one of the most important excuses to skip on the alcohol.


Gayle Crabtree
Posted on Dec 28, 2011
Gayle Crabtree
Posted on Dec 28, 2011
Jerry Walch
Posted on Dec 28, 2011
Diane Zoller-Ciatto
Posted on Dec 28, 2011
Ron Siojo
Posted on Dec 28, 2011
carol roach
Posted on Dec 27, 2011

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