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What To Do When You Feel A Cold Coming On

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This guide is what you should do when you either feel sickness coming on, or are sick.

Ever had those times where you woke up in the morning feeling like death? You don't want to move your body, you're sore in every way possible, runny nose, soar throat, etc. etc. It's all happened to us, most of us just bulk up on Orange Juice and hope for the best. I have recently found a better way to cure the common cold, it does involve bulking up on Vitamin-C, but an easier way. This new product called Emergenc gives you over 1600% your daily percentage of Vitamin-C, along with many other vitamins to cure your sickness. Common side effects of taking too much Emergenc results in constipation, diarhhea, sore stomach, etc. However, as long as you stay within the recommended dose of 2-4 packets per day, you'll be fine. I generally take 5-6 packets per day when I am feeling ill.

We've all had those times where we wake up one morning feeling absolutely terrible. Where you can barely open your eyes, and your nose is stuffed beyond belief. This guide is for the moment before that happens, when you think you're about to get sick. As soon as you feel that sickness coming on, whether it be a cold, flu, fever, what be it. Go to your local Walgreens, CVS, or any pharmaceutical store and purchase 'Emergenc', at CVS I know it costs $12.99 so it's probably around the same price elsewhere. Emergenc is a packet you put into 6-8 ounces of water, much like Gatorade packets, and you just stir it up. Each packet contains 1,667% your daily value of vitamin C. You're only supposed to have 100% per day, so 16x that will get you feeling better in no time.

Last night, I was feeling pretty ill. I took four pouches since then, and now I am feeling a whole lot better. Each box of Emergenc contains 30 packets, and as well as an obscene ammount of Vitamin C, it also contains Vitamins A, B, D, E, and many other vitamins. It's basically your daily nutritional values, plus some.

If you're already sick, I recommend taking 3-4 of these packets throughout the day, and get plenty of bed rest. You should be back to normal in no time.


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